Kia Ora! I just got here while wondering why there's not many overt Māori in the blogosphere... I could be wrong though so I thought I'd list Blogs here as I find them. First up is Maui Street, an often angry discourse due to it's political bent, as it's author professes:

  • Maui Street is an attempt to address the shortage of Maori voices in the blogosphere. As an ardent reader of many left leaning blogs and an occasional visitor to some right leaning blogs I was, and continue to be, struck by the shortage of Maori bloggers and the poor coverage Maori issues receive, having said that there are a number of notable exceptions.
  • With that in mind, I believe Maui Street fills a very important niche.
  • Maui Street will deal, for the most part but not exclusively, with Maori political issues. I will do my best to post at the very least weekly.

Maui Street. Check it out @