A week on from the launch of the Māori Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, what has it's impact been? The Plan looks as far forward as 2040, so foundations can be laid now without much fanfare and associated backlash. On the political news front,  National Party attention seems fixed on the asset sales issue, and the Labour Party has only an interim Economic Development spokesman (David Parker), following the demotion of David Cunliffe. The Māori Party has picked up the ball on behalf of the government, and is very supportive of the plan - while the Ministry of Education, Te Puni Kokiri and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment all have integral roles to play. A moderately in-depth search online show many news sites are simply republishing the MEDP press releases (nothing wrong with that), while also posts on the slow start to the Māori economic renaissance, the need to grow the Māori Asset base before it devalues, and the Crown-Māori Growth Partnership.