As the indigenous people of New Zealand, Māori have a special relationship stretching back centuries with this stunningly beautiful land. This relationship means Māori tourism is uniquely placed to offer visitors deeper experiences that weave culture and myth into New Zealand’s spectacular landscape.
New Zealand Māori Tourism (NZMT) is the national Māori tourism organisation, representing and advocating for more than 200 Māori tourism businesses. Based in Wellington, NZMT’s role is to influence investment decisions in Māori tourism, foster relationships within the sector and across the tourism industry, assist policy development, and to develop and implement strategies that encourage sector growth. It also provides an accessible point of contact with Māori tourism operators and stakeholders.
Māori culture is unique to New Zealand and offers a critical point of difference for New Zealand tourism. The Government has recognised the value that Māori tourism can add to the overseas visitor experience. It has mandated NZMT to develop and implement a Māori Tourism Strategy and initiate a Māori Tourism Action Plan